• BoardPerfect EDA Autorouter

    BoardPerfect is the advanced, yet easy-to-use EDA
    auto-router. It gives you the quality of routing,
    plus completion rates normally only associated
    with auto-routers much more expensive.

  • It chooses paths more intelligently

    This allows for more efficient use of routing area.
    It is more suited to handle complex design requirements
    and to achieve the highest route completion rates.

  • Topology-based autorouting

    It analyses physical design complexity for the
    optimal parameter setting. All while obeying a complex
    set of physical and electrical constraints.

  • Suited to handle complex design rules

    Advanced Rules extends the basic rule
    assignment routines to allow several refinements
    for control of complex designs.

  • Adaptive algorithm & DFM verification

    Adaptive self-correction routing algorithm,
    combined with concurrent DFM verification
    to incorporate routing optimization.

Autorouting like you have never seen before.

Autorouting has been quicker than manual routing, but the results did not look the same as manual routing results. At the same time, setting up the router is near impossible and requiring an expert. BoardPerfect now introduces the next generation routing with a new innovative native 45° grid-less topological autorouter with concurrent DFM verification. This allows autorouting in dense areas and achieving shortest total net length.

Advanced and easy-to-use.

The result gives the quality of routing frequently associated with manually routed designs. The board-analysis stage eliminates the requirement for the previous expert knowledge, making the routing process transparent and easy. Higher-density boards can be completed with fewer layers - all while obeying a complex set of physical and electrical constraints. BoardPerfect continues to provide solutions that break down the barriers to innovation.

BoardPerfect EDA Autorouter Specifications