The BoardPerfect autorouter

BoardPerfect is an advanced, yet easy-to-use EDA
auto-router for design engineers. The router chooses
paths more intelligently, and makes better use of
routing real estate on dense board designs.

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Boardperfect technology

BoardPerfect technology

BoardPerfect technology moves beyond traditional
shape-based routing by adding topology-based routing
and a board analysis stage to the autorouting process.

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Adaptive technology

The adaptive rip-up and retry technology provides BoardPerfect
with an iterative process of self-correction. At each pass,
the router 'learns' and attempts to route the connections
until the router has completed its task.

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Concurrent DFM verification

The advanced technology analyses physical design complexity
and identifies the optimal parameter setting for the design.
Adaptive routing algorithm, combined with concurrent DFM
verification is used in an efficient manner to incorporate routing

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Concurrent DFM display

Advanced design rules

The Advanced Rules extends the basic rule
assignment routines to allow several refinements
for control of more complex designs during auto-routing.
The design rules collectively form an instruction set
for BoardPerfect to follow.

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Altium rule definitions can be imported/ exported.
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Display Automatice trace-neckdown

Automatic trace neck-down

Analyzed outside the context of the auto-router,
BoardPerfect recognizes the design footprints and
chooses the Neck-down trace width and clearance most
appropriate for the SMD component.

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Display Fanout Escape Routing

Fanout escape routing

The effectiveness of a fanout pattern contributes
significantly to the route-ability of a design,
which impacts the layer count and affects the
cost of the board fabrication, while maintaining
signal integrity and fabrication yield requirements.

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