Frequently Asked Questions

How does the installation work?

Your order may contain one or more products that require a valid Serial-Number to be entered prior to use.
During the installation process for the product(s) you have purchased, you will be asked to enter the code(s).
Please keep this information for future reference as it will be required if you need to install or re-install
these products. *If you bought the software trough a third party supplier, please note that they should
provide you the valid Serial-Number.

After your installation and on your first run of boardperfect you will get to see the registration wizard.
the steps of this wizard to attain your product's License Key. You will receive your product key within
48 hours via email after you registration is completed. BoardPerfect will remain fully functional within
the first 48 hours after the first start up.

What is Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery is a feature that allows you to buy BoardPerfect as a downloadable product. Customers who
completes checkout on an order that contains digital content, will automatically be emailed with a unique and
temporary valid URL to download the file. A second shipment report received as an email contains order details
and an installation control serial-number. After that the same installation proces as described above will be

What is Download Protection Service?

Free of charge we add our Download Protection Service to your order, this will protect you when the worst
happen that could require you to reinstall software for which you do not have a backup. The Download
Protection Service will allow you to download any BoardPerfect products you have purchased up to a maximum
of 5 additional times for up to 2 years after the date of purchase.

How does the BoardPerfect license work?

Product license registration codes are supplied in a work order via email. Our licenses are restricted
to a single user and bound to the user's workstation and the company hostname(IP adress).
Note: Product license registration should be submitted within 30 days.

Does boardPerfect gets updates?

From time to time, BoardPerfect needs to update and enhance the program. BoardPerfect does this to help
you keep your program more reliable. Given how important it is to maintain the quality. BoardPerfect will
take care of informing you about new updates and major product releases.