Customer Service

What can we do for you?

For placement of orders, assistance in product
identification, or to address any other questions,
please contact our Customer Service department
or file a request online through our secure website.

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Technical Support

For customers who are on a valid subscription
plan we offer free Technical support. This is a
range of services providing assistance to solve
specific problems. Technical support may be
delivered over the telephone or online by
e-mail. Technical support or tech support refers
to a range of services by which BoardPerfect
provide assistance to our users.


Keep up to date with all the latest BoardPerfect software,
updates and documents. BoardPerfect is dedicated to
delivering the very best products to its customers.
As problems are reported to us, we make every effort to
resolve them as quickly as possible. In some cases a problem
may require a modification to the core program,
so we create updates and patches which can be
downloaded and installed on your system.

Download the user's guide

You can download the 86 pages user's guide,
to help get started with BoardPerfect. Click the
box below to download the user's guide in PDF.

Download the user guide

BoardPerfect User's Guide

Free PDF download!

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Hard-copy available in store.
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Download the demo now

You can try BoardPerfect before you buy it, by
downloading the demo from filesanywhere.
click the box below to download the demo.

Download the demo

BoardPerfect EDA Autorouter

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Windows vista 7 and 8 OS 32 bit.


If you are not sure which version of program you currently have installed on your system,
click on the Help/About menu in your BoardPerfect program. If you are not using the very
latest version of that program, we suggest that you download and install the most up to
date version from the list below. Note: You do not need any incremental updates to install
the latest update. So if you have BoardPerfect v1.00 you will only need to download the
latest BoardPerfect update to receive all the files and fixes that have been offered in all
the updates we have posted.
(i.e. BoardPerfect v1.04 will contain all the fixes included in 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03).